Principal's Message

It is a privilege and a pleasure to serve our community as the principal at Dudley Elementary School. I thank each child, parent, teacher, support staff, and volunteer who partners with Dudley to make our school excellent! If I had to describe our school in a few words, it would be Teamwork, Leadership, and Excellence. I am especially proud of the way our faculty works together as a team to plan and implement high quality lessons.

I am impressed with the way our families work as team to support students as they read daily, learn math facts, and study at home. When a child reads only 20 minutes a night, they read about 1,800,000 words in a year and often score in the 90th percentile of students in the nation. Reading is a subject that is used in all other subjects. Currently, 97% of our Dudley children read every night! With a basic foundation of reading fluently and memorizing basic math facts, there is no limit to the ways our students will succeed.

Our Leader In Me theme builds the best in every child and recognizes each person’s individual strengths and abilities. We also have a great partnership with our community of 50 volunteers! Persons in our community invest time and resources to give our children a world class education! Together, we are building a bright and successful future for each child! What a great way to work together!


Lisa Newell, Principal