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Welcome to the Dudley School Library!

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." -- Mark Twain (Great American author)

"I cannot live without books." -- Thomas Jefferson (Great American President)

"Hey you! Get in here and read!" -- Mr. Rickard (Dudley School Librarian)

At the Dudley School library, our goal is to help you learn and grow, have fun, and get excited about books! We know strong readers are successful students, so we'll stop at nothing (almost) to inspire students to read. From snakes, spiders and sharks, to Jack & Annie, Harry Potter, and Walter the Farting Dog, we've got something for everyone!

Dudley Library FAQs

Q: What does FAQs mean? A: Frequently asked questions.

Q: Oh, right. How many books may I check out? A: Kindergarten students may check out one book each week; 1st through 5th grade students may check out two books a week. Pre-K students visit the library every week, but they do not check out books.

Q: How long may I keep my book(s) out? A: One week. If it takes you longer than a week to finish a book, you may keep it longer. We're pretty flexible…as long as you keep us informed!

Q: What happens if I lose my book…or if my baby sister chews it up? A: A book that is lost or destroyed must be paid for so it can be replaced. A book that is damaged but may be saved should be returned to Mr. Rickard so that he may attempt to repair it.

Q: Who is Mr. Rickard? A: He is the Dudley School Media Specialist. (That's just a fancy name for librarian…)

Q: Wow. The Dudley Library sounds like a great place. A: Thank you!

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